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Gone with the Gulls

by Emily Nolan, Reporter

Santa Cruz– An alarming amount of the campus seagulls did not return to Santa Cruz High with the students this year, though no foul play seems to be involved.

Where did they go?

During a routine school rules presentation a few weeks ago, Principal Kline made a mysterious, pointed comment regarding the lack of seagulls this year, and  students wondered if Kline had  somehow harmed or personally removed the seagulls from campus.

Principal Kline responded to these rumors in a recent interview, and claimed that there are less seagulls this year because the seagulls simply “took us out of their rotation,” though at first he had joked that he “talked with them” to convince the gulls to leave. Principal Kline also said that students have been doing a great job cleaning up after themselves after lunch, and so the seagulls had less incentive to be on campus.

Though this solution seems sound, one student provided an alternate story. Sebastian Herrmann, senior, said that he “fed the seagulls sandwich crusts and almonds everyday of my junior year,” but hasn’t done so this year. Maybe that’s why the seagulls haven’t come back to SCHS– tastier handouts are being provided elsewhere.

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Gone with the Gulls