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Depression: “This Fight is Silent, and It is Where No One Can See It”

by Megan Tracy


Depression has recently found itself highlighted by the show “13 Reasons Why” and the song “1-800-273-8255” by Logic, so with all this talk, I thought I might shine some light on this topic too.

Depression affects over 18 million adults in any given year and back in 2014, 2.8 million teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 had one major depressive episode. Depression affects over 300 million people worldwide. Severe depression has been put in the same disability category as cancer. Depression is the leading cause of suicide. Roughly, every 13 minutes someone commits suicide in the US, killing over 41,000 people a year, and that’s just in the United States.

This next part is a piece of literature I wrote from personal experience with long-term depression.

Depression is a fight you face against yourself each day. This fight is silent, and it is where no one can see it. 

It lives in your head. Depression is a monster that possesses your entire body. It makes you feel alone in a room full of people and tired even after sleeping for hours and hours. It terrifies you in the way that the thought of seeing anyone else tears you apart.

Depression makes a liar out of you.”

Whenever someone asks if you’re alright, you say you’re good even when you feel as if you were dying on the inside.

Depression makes you feel like you’re in a glass box in front of everyone you love. You can see them, but you are somehow separated. People are reaching out for you and you’re trying to fight your way out, but you’ve been taken prisoner by your own emotions.

This fight we call depression creates wounds on your heart and soul, but sometimes these wounds seep onto your skin with the help of something sharp. It becomes your addiction. You wear long sleeves even when it’s 90 degrees outside because you’re so ashamed of what you did, yet you can’t seem to stop.

Before you know it, your life has completely crumbled on your shoulders. And those four little words “everything will be okay” become something you hear so often yet fail to believe. But trust me, after this hell, there is a heaven and it’s called happiness.

You feel yourself stop drowning and your head breaks through the water and you finally get a breath of fresh air. It fills your lungs, coming in through your nose and out through your mouth and you feel so at peace within your heart and soul. All those wounds stop bleeding and finally start to heal. You’ve won the fight so many lose their lives to. You defeated the monster. Everything is finally okay, and you will flourish from this battlefield but you will never forget the battle.

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Depression: “This Fight is Silent, and It is Where No One Can See It”