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First Pride Prom Planned

An event meant to eliminate stigma and the gender specificities of prom

by Carly Cuccia, Reporter

Pride Promenade, Santa Cruz High’s first LGBTQI+ oriented dance, will take place in early February, thanks to the efforts of Rainbow Alliance. The club hopes that this event will be an opportunity for all students to enjoy themselves without fear of discrimination.

Open to students from all schools, sexualities and gender identities, the Pride Promenade will eliminate many of the stigmas attached to typical proms, such as the implied necessity of bringing a date to the dance. The event will be open to students of all grades, whereas the traditional Prom is only open to upperclassmen, except by invitation.

Pride Promenade will be “a fun way to celebrate the school’s queer community; it will be full of fun and rainbows and dancing. Don’t miss out!” said Ms. Guzman, the advisor for Rainbow Alliance.

Students at SCHS have been awaiting this opportunity for years. Ray Shurtleff, a member of Rainbow Alliance, said that “Pride Prom always seemed like a fantasy idea, but now it’s becoming a reality, and I could not be more excited.”

School dance traditions such as homecoming’s king and queen and prom’s implied date requirement have long deterred queer students from attending school dances. This year for homecoming Santa Cruz High decided on a court instead of a king and queen. Pride Promenade follows in that spirit as an opportunity for students to attend a social gathering without fear regarding predetermined social rules.

Pride Prom is the celebration of diversity that I have waited for my entire life”

— Nutmeg McDougal

“Pride Prom is the celebration of diversity that I have waited for my entire life,” said Nutmeg McDougal, vice president of Rainbow Alliance.

The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz has offered the county schools’ Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) a grant of $500, which will cover the cost of the dance, and will allow the club to sell tickets for the low price of $5 each, which provides an opportunity for students who cannot afford to attend Prom, which costs $100 or more per ticket.

Social acceptance and the equality of the queer community are important to Rainbow Alliance’s mission, and this is the club’s first major event to include those who are not members of the club in GSA activities. Many members of the club have also participated in other events such as conferences and conventions; Pride Promenade will be an invitation to other students, at the school and beyond, to join in on the club-funded activities through what Caelin Brooks, member of Rainbow Alliance, predicts will be “a stunning event.”

Rainbow Alliance also intends to use the dance as a means to make students aware of the club’s existence. Rainbow Alliance hopes that queer students will be encouraged by the school’s inclusion of the LGBTQI+ community in activities, and eliminate any anxiety those students feel regarding their reception among the straight and cisgender students at the school.

Pride Prom is a good way to celebrate how far the LGBTQ community has come”

— Megan Tracy

“Pride Prom is a good way to celebrate how far the LGBTQ community has come,” said Megan Tracy, President of Rainbow Alliance. Megan’s goal is for the Pride Promenade to be “a place for everybody to have a good time and be happy.”

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First Pride Prom Planned