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Pink Slips, Disliked by Students and Teachers, are Working

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Pink Slips, Disliked by Students and Teachers, are Working

by Isabella Buchter, Reporter

The new school year has started with several changes to the hall pass policy. Students are now required to bring pink hall pass in order to leave for any reason during class. The passes require a student’s name, date, destination, time of departure, time of return, teacher, and the teacher’s signature.

As a student, I have heard many complaints about the new slips. My peers seem to think that generally, it’s an unnecessary hassle.

“Do they even check them?” students asked during a class discussion about the slips. Other students answered that from their experience, security does not.

“I don’t really understand it. The pink slips don’t seem that different from the teacher’s previous system, except it’s a bit more disrupting,” said a student.

“They are just a waste of paper because no one is really checking them anyway,” said Josie Taylor, a junior. Kiara Nogueron-Martinez, another student, summed up what many people expressed, saying “Those are so annoying.”

Not only are there complaints from students, but teachers are also finding the slips bothersome.

“I think they are not serving the purpose they are supposed to be serving,” said Mr. Chirinos, a Santa Cruz High math teacher. “It takes a lot of time to sign.”

During our conversation, he gestured at his old laminated bathroom pass. “I think this is better,” he said. “But if the principal tells me to do this I will respect it.”

One of Santa Cruz High’s Spanish teachers, Ms. Laz understands that “pink passes serve a function.” “For me, that function is wasted,” she said. “There should be a better way to do it”.

As much as the pink slips are unpopular with students and teachers, there is an important reason for them. If students didn’t constantly leave the classroom unnecessarily, we wouldn’t need the new passes according to assistant principal Rishi Lal.

Mr. Rishi Lal explained that when there are students wandering the halls, “it creates a very unsafe environment.” He explained that in case of an earthquake, active shooter, or any other threat to student safety, it is necessary to know where students are. The pink slips are meant to help regulate this more closely and to reduce the number of students out of the classroom.

Fortunately, they have worked exceptionally well. “This year we’ve seen an extreme reduction of students in the halls,” said Mr. Lal.


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Pink Slips, Disliked by Students and Teachers, are Working