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Santa Cruz Spirits

by Fiona Lyon, Reporter

It’s common knowledge across the interwebs that all is not as it seems in the freaky town of Santa Cruz.
Sunshine Villa, a retirement center is allegedly filled with paranormal entities and was the inspiration for Bates Motel in Hitchcock’s classic Psycho. Rispin Mansion in Capitola is said to be a hotspot for the supernatural due to its tragic history.
But might there be ghosts even closer to home? I decided to investigate.
Almost every upperclassman and staff member I spoke with recounted a chilling encounter with the ghosts or at least had heard an unearthly tale passed down from another student.
Mel Martinez, a nighttime janitor has had many spectral experiences. Martinez claims he was looking into the display cases near the front of the school, on the second floor, when he spotted two ghostly figures– a boy and a girl, high school age-moving towards him in the cases’ reflection. He turned around, only to see an empty hallway. With goosebumps, Mel recalled how he ran out of the building, without turning any lights off, or locking the doors.
The next day, he apologized to the head janitor for not locking up. Shockingly, the head janitor insisted that all the lights were off and the doors were locked. No other janitors or staff members had done it, so could this have been the ghosts?
A senior, Taylor, says there are three ghosts in the school. A middle-aged man, an old woman, and a young boy. She claims to have encountered the boy and the woman. “The old lady likes me but she doesn’t like a lot of people,” said Taylor. “Like she’s yelled at people in the elevator before… she’ll be like get out!”
Taylor also says that the young boy will push basketballs around in the gym.
But what might be the source of all this spooky activity? A common theory is that it is a result of the 1913 fire that burnt the school down. Mel said that a body of a girl was found in the theater shortly after the fire. He speculates that the body might have belonged to the arsonist. An infamous photo of a graduation night in the theater shows a skeletal hand reaching out to a student.
Another theory comes from a psychic, Sylvia Browne. She says that the foggy, drippy climate of Santa Cruz is the perfect atmosphere for ghosts.
Everybody has their own theories and variations on stories, but one thing is for sure– Santa Cruz High is anything but normal!

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