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by Trevor Ruggeri

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Dear Editor,

My name is Trevor Ruggeri, and I’m a ninth grade student here at Santa Cruz High School. I’m writing to you today with one goal in mind, to convince you of a change that our school desperately needs; to implement air conditioning into all classrooms. I believe that in order to flourish educationally, this claim is a necessity.

Everyday for third period I head to Maestra Hochler’s room for Espanol, and as I walk in, I can actually feel a wave of heat, sticky sweat, and an onslaught of moisture wash over me. As I sit down, I can feel my shorts stick to my legs and my brain slowly melting away in the immense heat. I can feel the heat pushing my lids down and forcing my brain out of my ears. This is no learning environment! Sitting there, in my seat, for an hour and a half, with heat slowly itching at my brain and my body, I realize this is no way one to spend a class period. The heat is dazing, and has a tremendous effect on the class spirit and the learning environment itself.

What’s the purpose of going to class if the only thing you can focus on is the heat melting your body to liquid?”

So I call to you, everyday reader, listener, and viewer, to ask for your help in eradicating this literal “classroom hell”. Write to the principal, the district, and tell your friends. Because it’s only together, with the help of all you, that we can destroy this classroom epidemic.



Your fellow SCHS Comrade

Trevor Ruggeri

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  1. Sr. Dilles on December 19th, 2017 3:14 pm

    ¡Bien escrito!

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