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by Lizzie Sepeda

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If we had an hour for lunch, imagine what you could do with those extra twenty minutes. You could study for test, hang out with friends for longer, and actually be able to sit down, and eat your lunch.”

Dear Editor,

In the few months that I’ve been at Santa Cruz High, I’ve become aware of an important issue that I believe needs to be addressed. The issue is the length of lunch. Currently, lunch is 40 minutes, but I strongly feel that it should be changed to one hour.

During the long 7 hour school day that we persevere through each and every day, lunch is the only time to be able to fully relax, hang out with our friends, and, most importantly, eat. But we barely have enough time to do this. Many students, myself included, rely on going off campus to get food, but aren’t even able to eat it because of how little time they have. If you don’t include the amount of time it takes to walk to and from wherever it is your going, that only leaves about 20 minutes left. But then there’s the waiting in line, and the waiting to be served, which can take another 10 minutes. This leaves a total of about 10 minutes to actually eat your food and relax. This is not nearly enough!

Students spend the majority of their day doing schoolwork, or homework. We work our butts off every day and the least we deserve is one hour dedicated to relaxing and recuperating for our next class. If we had an hour for lunch, imagine what you could do with those extra 20 minutes. You could study for tests, hang out with friends for longer, and actually be able to sit down, and eat your lunch.

I hope you agree that by making lunch longer, we are, in fact, helping students to have a more productive, rewarding day that will be very beneficial in the long run.


Lizzie Sepeda

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