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Every Thursday at lunch, room 81 hosts a group of girls in grades 10 through 12. They make up Women’s Honor Society or WHS for short. The club was founded at Santa Cruz High School in 1922 when it was called Girl’s Honor Society. It changed its name to Women’s Honor Society in 1989.

This year, WHS has accomplished a lot and is planning for even more in the near future.

Their mission is to work for “the empowerment of women”, says Bridget O’Neill, the club president. “Our projects are directed towards helping the community inside and outside the school.”

They started off this year with fundraising. Booths were set up at SCHS sports games to sell temporary tattoos of the school logo to encourage school spirit at these events.

As Fall rolled around, so did a flurry of hurricanes and other natural disasters, so WHS turned their attention to gathering clothing and hygiene products to donate to people in need around the world.

December consisted of the baking, packaging, and distribution of cookies for the school cookie grams.

Recently, using the money they had earned, they funded a new mirror for the girl’s bathroom, and on January 31st painted the bathroom stalls with inspirational quotes, including a few from notable women throughout history. 

The hope is to “remind girls to live the life they want to live,” says WHS member, Alicia Buchter. “We wanted to counteract some of the negativity that is written on the bathroom stalls.”

In February, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the club reached out to the Santa Cruz community by making Valentine cards to give to an elderly home.

They also planned a project involving interviews with women who are business owners in Santa Cruz. Now, WHS girls are back to the drawing board, beginning to plan again for their next project.


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Club Profile | Women’s Honor Society