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by Stuart Woodhams, Editor

Students at Santa Cruz High left class today at 10 am in protest of gun violence and to honor the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting.

Missing class for up to thirty minutes would be excused said Assistant Principal, Rishi Lal.

Santa Cruz High students joined students from close to 3000 schools from across the country who filed out of classrooms and into common spaces and onto fields. People streamed onto high ways and protested at the White House. They held rallies and moments of silence. Seventeen minutes for seventeen victims of Parkland.

“We complain of no justice but take no action,” said Carmen Azmitia, freshmen. “I stand here today for all the students who feel neglected. For all the students afraid to speak up to tell you that all the pain and suffering ends now and together as students we can be headlines. We can be news articles titles. And we will be remembered, but as the generation that changed the world.”

The national walkout was mobilized through the power of social media and the high schoolers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas who kept gun violence in the news, a hard feat when Donald Trump can start and stop news cycles with a single tweet.

“At least we’re angry with our phones,” said Charles Atkinson, senior, in reference to the futility of asking for gun reform, but the power that social media creates. “And we can make everyone hear us when we’re angry.’

Across the country, many students were unsure of the consequences of their civil disobedience. In Texas, a school district threatened to suspend students who walked out and in North Carolina, the news media was banned from covering the event.

In Santa Cruz however, coming back to class within thirty minutes would not be marked unexcused said Assistant Principle Rishi Lal. Just consider it a longer bathroom break said, Mr. Lal.

“We had community support,” said Ollie Jackson and Daniela Werlin-Martinez, students of Santa Cruz High who organized the local walkout. Speakers spoke from a podium and a mic set up by the administration beforehand.

The PTA also paid for the walkout’s flyers, which were distributed by students. PTA members watched on from the fringes of the rally, but in their unofficial capacity as parents.

Teachers, however, were more circumspect. Officially not supposed to share their views on a wide range of issues, a few ducked out of their classes to check out the action. Others came down to watch only when everyone in their class had left the classroom.



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  1. COncerned Student on March 16th, 2018 11:01 am

    What happens from here?

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